Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Getaway!!! ahhhhh

This post is NOT about my children, this post is NOT about Autism, this post is NOT about Down Syndrome.  Its about me and my husband taking a long weekend without the kids to do something uninterrupted that we wanted to do.

BOY does it feel good to be able to do that.  The twins are growing up, going to be seven in a few short weeks and we are able to sneek away a little better now.  My sister Heidi was so generous by coming and staying at my house for the weekend.  Her, Lorna, Dan and their dog came over and played with the kids while mom and dad went off to The Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs PA.

I come home with a head full of workshops that I am anxious to put to use.  I want to help Tom finish up our rabbitry and get started with more Silver Fox Rabbits.  I want to eat better and look at more organic foods.  I want to get back into baking breads and take it even further than before.  I want to experiment with fermentation beginning with sauerkraut and getting a start of Kombucha to try.  I want to really kick myself into gear to think and act with healthier choices for myself and for my family.

Before my ACL tore last June with surgery following in August, I was determined to become "fit by 40", it has by far gone the other way.  I have gained so much weight, my leg has not be rehabilitated back to full strength, I have lost alot of my willpower to do good for ME.  I need to get ME back and start caring again.

When you are caring for others far more than yourself it catches up with you in so many ways and it feels like its impossible to get back to where you want or need to be.  I was very interested in learning about organic cooking, organic gardening, and organic farming.  Who knows, 8 months ago we were just beginning to talk about getting backyard rabbits and now we have a 26x14 shed almost complete so we can raise several rabbits.  And we have chosen a rare heritage rabbit that is very uncommon, Silver Fox Rabbits.  They really are beautiful and we are anxious to get the kids involved with all of their care, and perhaps even showing them very soon.

So, I am refreshed, I have great new ideas, I have a desire to be healthy for my family and even a bigger desire to make better choices for the health of my children.  Fast food has become to convienent, its time to get back to cooking from scratch.  I LOVE cooking from scratch, but I just have not made cooking and baking a priority like I should.  I baked homemade bread for over a year and was so proud of what I was giving my family.  Its time to get back to that way of living.

What are some of your favorite bread baking recipes or tricks of the trade?  Something I have never done is make buns or dinner rolls... C'mon give me your tips!!!!

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Angie Willey said...

I tore my ACL almost exactly 1 year ago and have to agree it has been a long road back. I try to get to our local gym at least 3 times per week, but that does not always happen. Good luck on your rabbit venture, and I would love to read tips you have for baking bread. I stink at it. Glad you got to get away for a weekend.