Friday, February 24, 2012

Self Feeding Proof

6 1/2 years and one thing that we still work on everyday is feeding.  They are getting better and better but I am honestly thinking that perhaps they are just relying on us to feel them because that is what we have done.

  • Holding sandwiches, getting better but still need hand over hand.
  • Drinking out of a cup, working on it but prefers sippy cups still... no straw drinking yet
  • Stabbing with fork, they still do not get this, but if we load the fork and set it down they pick up and feed themselves.
  • Eating with spoon is almost completely independent (with prompting)
  • Sitting at table and eating without being made to do so.... never!!!
Today Miss Camille is home sick again so I called off the TSS staff for the boys.  So here I am with a sickie and the twins who I have to get ready for preschool this afternoon.  I was trying to get a few things done and they came and signed "cracker".  I told them no cracker, cereal for breakfast.  Each of them shook their head NO but I proceeded to get them a bowl of cereal.  I gave Caleb a choice because he often likes several brands of cereal.  Isaac I dished out the good ole Cheerio's, his cereal of choice.   Caleb picked a brand that I bought for Elijah.  Its a Chocolate Peanut Butter cereal.  I didn't think Caleb would really like it so I dished out a small bowl to try it.  He shoveled it down!!!!  

Isaac took one bite of his and looked at his brothers bowl and pushed his aside and began eating from brothers bowl.  I was amazed!!!!  As I dished out Isaac a bowl and refilled Calebs bowl I walked away from the table to see if eating this cereal had them so involved they would sit there themselves while I washed dishes....  YEPPER!!!!  They sat and ate the first bowl, then signed for more... and ate a second bowl..  This was breakfast.

Then for lunch I asked what they wanted and they both signed cereal.  Well certainly boys, anything for you.  I then stood IN THE KITCHEN and watched them in the dining room sit for an ENTIRE MEAL and eat by themselves..  WoW  WoW  WoW.....

Happy Mama Today!!

Here's Proof:

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Casey&Connor'sMommy said...

Wow!! I WISH my guys would eat cereal. With milk. And a spoon. lol. Great job, boys!!