Monday, February 20, 2012


That is exactly what Isaac signed to me the other day..  He had been signing doctor for three days.. then Friday he signed  Ear...Hurt...Doctor...Please.. How could I NOT call.. He was not showing any signs of an ear infection really.. No fever, not drainage, no fussy kid, BUT I was not going to not listen to  him when he signed something like this.

We headed off to the doctors anxiously waiting to see if he did in fact have an ear infection so that we could Praise God for communication via sign language.  Doctor came in, Isaac was very excited to see her (n-e-v-e-r the case) and I was sure he had an ear infection.  Looked in left infection.   Looked in right infection.  Boy was I kinda bummed.  Not that he was not suffering from an ear infection, but that he mis-communicated.

Another issue he was having was the fact that he was very constipated.  Doctor felt his tummy and said we need to do another Miralax cleanse to get him cleaned out.  Then doctor came up with a theory that we are all going with.  She said perhaps Isaac relates the doctor with looking at his ears, so when he signed Ear..Hurt..Doctor..Please, perhaps he was saying his tummy was hurting and he needed to see a doctor that would look at his ears too??!!! Who knows, but I am glad that I took him.  I told him that mommy was happy he could tell me he hurt and needed to see a doctor to make him feel better.  He smiled and then politely asked for Crackers Please...

I LOVE that they are really signing these days.  We get to have conversations with them.  Guess its time to brush up on some new signs and keep the conversations going a little longer!!!

Caleb crowning his brother Isaac king for the day too!!

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