Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kindergarten Transition Meetings have begun.....

Kindergarten Transition Meeting went well today.. Tom and I met with Assistant Special Education Director of our school district, the school psycologist and their preschool teacher.  We went over what level of academics the boys are in Preschool and discussed some of our options. Will have psychologist review their evaluations in depth, we will tour different class room settings and then we will start making some decisions.. They told us today that our final decision will come in May. So we have dipped out toes into the water, lets see if we can swim!!!

And to end on a BRAG!!!!
The school psychologist met with us last year when we decided to hold the boys out for another year.  Through discussions last year we told him about how the boys were beginning to read.  He seemed skeptical so we showed him.  We found out today that he was so very impressed he ran back to Special Education Department to say "You'll never believe what I just saw!!"  THAT PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE. And he totally remembered us just from that demonstrations..

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