Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursdays.... Sweetness and a Scary Moment

I am so thankful that God blessed me with all the children he did.  Each one is so very special in their own ways.  Looking at these photos does nothing more than put a big smile on my face.  I love that Camille is the best big sister and loves her twin brothers so very much!!

Today is an especially good day for me to post how thankful I am for my children.  Today Camille was home sick from school. I am thankful that she is feeling better.  I was making her (and the rest of us) some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight and when I got to the part to put in noodles, I realized I didn't have any noodles.  I gathered Elijah up and we ran into the grocery store for noodles.  I left Tristin in charge for a few minutes while I ran in town, which I do sometimes.. I get a phone call while I'm in the grocery store.. Isaac had made his way up to our neighbors house (Tom's Aunt and Uncle).  When I left for the grocery store, I left the garage door up.  This is something that I sometimes do, but now cannot do anymore...EVER!!!.. The boys are getting good at opening doors,  apparently Isaac opened the door going out into the garage, saw the garage door was up and took off.  THANK GOD, he went up to Aunt Sue's and Uncle JR's.  THANK GOD he did not try to cross the road to goto Grandma and Papa's.  THANK GOD he did not just decide to visit the woods or something.

As soon as Aunt Sue called me to tell me he was up at her house, I called Tristin to go get him and I ran straight to KMart to purchase those child proof door handle hickey ma jiggies.  I think door alarms are in our future too.. This is sooo scary and something that I have been soo nervous about now that they are more mobile and more independent.  Please pray for a safe summer for these boys!!!  I continue to pray for wisdom each day so that I can stay a step ahead of them all the way..


My 6 Beautiful kids said...
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My 6 Beautiful kids said...

Kids are absolutely beautiful..