Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Isaac's Gentle Side.... Caleb's Quiet Side

Caleb and Isaac have had quite a show of emotions these days.  They are figuring out how to be lovey and hug each other and act all gentle like.  Then the next second they are pushing each other down, pulling hair, scratching each others faces, banging their heads and acting mean like.  I do get nervous having them near little babies because I truly don't know how they will act.  Today I had the pleasure of watching my 3 month old niece Abbey.  Isaac seemed very interested in her and the last time she came to the house he was very gentle with her.  Isaac likes to play with a baby doll every once in awhile, so I asked him if he wanted to hold the baby.  He immediately signed "YES" to me.  So I ran and grabbed my camera just in case it turned out good.. and it did :)

Here is the precious cargo that we experimented with.  Isn't she precious??

First we sat them near each other and played... that went well
Then we explained that she is little and he had to be gentle with her so he played with her little fingers.
Then the loving began, he was so kind to her.  It was so beautiful :)

After all of the cuddling from Isaac we called in Caleb.. He was not as excited.  He played with her little fingers and looked  at her a little bit.

Then we asked Caleb to give her a kiss and we got this look....
 and then he ran!!!

It was a nice day to sit and cuddle and get my baby fix for a few hours.  The boys did really well and Abbey put up with her cousins like a champ.  

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