Friday, March 11, 2011

Caleb showing off his Your Baby Can Read Skills..... AMAZING!!!!

The other night when both twins decided to nap from 5pm to 11pm and then they were up until 2am I was flipping through the channels trying to stay awake.  I came upon a Your Baby Can Read commercial and thought I would watch it since its been awhile since I've watched one.  I saw something on there that triggered me to try it here at home.  Let me just say, it was jaw dropping amazing and I ran for my video camera.  Both boys are reading almost all of the 164 words that are on the flashcards provided in the Your Baby Can Read kit.  I was lucky enough to have won the starter pack of this program back in December of 2009 and began the program at the end of January beginning of February.  Read about that here.  We have continued working with the boys all year last year.  Then for reasons I'm not going to really go into here our programs changed a little bit at home and we took the focus off continuing their reading.  Back on track this January, due to demands from mommy... and the video on here is what we saw today

Go ahead, stand up and clap.. A standing ovation is totally deserved for this accomplishment.  Now it makes this mama want to push the boys even more.  They love this stuff.  They love being engaged and learning, they are sponges.  Now if we can just get them talking to get that knowledge out... Not disappointed, just discouraged that we have a communication barrier right now.  They are signing things to me consistently the same way day after day and some of the signs I just don't know what they are.  Its now to the point that they know more sign language than I do and I am the one that needs to catch up to them.  I love these little guys!!!  Oh and in case your reading this from a Google search about Your Baby Can Read?  My guys are 5 year old identical twin boys BOTH with PDD Autism, Down Syndrome and also happen to be non-verbal.  Not one spoken word, but sign almost 500 words, can write their name, identify all their shapes, colors, numbers upto 20, all the alphabet letters Big and small... and now they're reading... It really swells my heart with pride of how far they have come.


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT Stacy! I understand the frustration with communication, but the fact that they're reading opens up a whole new world for AAC use too. Sign... we already know that works. Now, they could use word-based AAC or pictures with words on them. Several words in a book to be able to make sentences. That along with their signs and lots and lots of modeling... who knows. Maybe they'll be holding complex conversations before you know it. :)


Brandie said...

This is awesome!! It must be so rewarding to see the results of all their (and your) hard work. Very inspiring.

Laura said...

Sounds like they are doing great! We have also been working on sight words with our dd who has DS - it is helping in so many ways!