Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 for 21: Super Crazy Saturday

Everyday is a busy day as a mom to five children.  There is ALWAYS something going on.  Today I woke up at 7am, grabbed me a cup of joe and headed off to the kids bathroom to tear down some wallpaper.  I got it in my mind about three weeks ago that I wanted to remodel their bathroom.  We have been in this house for five years now and I've wanted to do this since day one.

So here goes nothing.  I'm doing the project pretty much solo, except for replacing the vanity light which I hope my husband will help with.  So I'm nervous yet excited all at the same time.  I am hoping to get it done in a weeks time.  Here is the wallpaper I have stared at and hated for a long time...

30 years is long enough to have strawberries in the bathroom here at the house...  I'll post the new look when its done.  The twins are very interested in what's going on. I closed the door and would NOT allow them to see my tearing down wallpaper.  I thought that perhaps they might get some hairbrained idea to tear down wallpaper if they saw me doing it :)

My Down Syndrome Tip for today:
Transition is a word that I never thought I would think about so much before having my boys.  We transition from early childhood programs to preschool, then we transition from preschool to school aged, we transition from summer programs to school programs, then later in life we will transition from school aged to adult life..  WOW~ thats alot of very complicated and thought provoking transitioning.  I'm just so glad to have support from friends who have already been there and done that. 

So today, a new transition for us here at the Hanzely Household right now is a NEW UPDATED Looking BATHROOM :)

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My name is Sarah said...

Good luck with your bathroom project.