Saturday, October 23, 2010

31 for 21: A mom's job is never done

My days lately have been beyond full and busy..  I would love that have someone smack me upside the head and ask me what was I thinking tearing up the kids bathroom to completely... "completely" remodel it.  Everything but the plumbing is being replaced and renewed.  I started more than two weeks ago and today my guess is that I still have about a week or so to go to finish everything up.  Its not that there is that much work left, its that my daily schedule is so busy that it leaves me no time to work on the bathroom.

I seriously have a 13 year old threatening to move out if I do not get her bathroom back in order.  WOW imagine only having one bathroom for the whole family LIKE I DID GROWING UP :) 

Today I made progress.  Ceiling cleaned and then painted.  All the walls primered and wall paper hung on more than half of the walls.  I feel good about today but nervous that my next job will be tearing up the floor and laying down another one myself.  I smile at myself often thinking that its good sometimes to have spunk like I tend to have.  If I want something done, I getter done!!

This also pertains to being a mom to 2 children with special needs and 3 others with typical everyday needs.  I don't know how I get everything done that I do.  I could absolutely use a clone of myself to try to double my output, but everyone is happy, healthy, and getting all of their basic needs met.  We do not do extra things like go out to eat often, goto the movies, or for that matter even hit the mall very much.  With a teenager and a 9 year old girly girl... that is not met with alot of complaining.

My Down Syndrome Awareness tip of the day is this:  "Raising a child with special needs does take more time and often requires more doctors visits, therapies, and schooling, but I know that taking the time with them now will only provide us all with a brighter future.  They are learning independence, social skills, and they are learning that I will offer them everything I have as long as they are happy and gaining new skills.  As far as my other children.  I pray that they know that they are worth just as much time and effort, but since I don't have any extra minutes in my day, what I do give them is from the heart each and every minute."


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