Wednesday, October 6, 2010

31 for 21 ~ The Joys of Double Trouble

Raising identical twin boys both with PDD Autism and Down Syndrome can be a little exhausting sometimes.  Today was one of them.  They are little tornadoes at my house.  I no sooner get one room cleaned up after them and they have destroyed two more.  Today was by far the worst poop experience I've ever dealt with.. I'll spare you any details, but know that it easily took me almost an hour to clean up while they were soaking in the tub.  I took a 9 minute phone call, dealing with their medical insurance and came in to find them both laughing and having a good time covered in poop!!!

I couldn't and WOULDN'T take photos of todays experience.  But I was going through some photos and thought I might share another rather recent experience with you.

After I took the photos and everything was cleaned up and over, I looked back and read the shirts they had on and found if very appropriate to read CAUTION in big letters....LOL

Gotta Love Them!!!!


Tamara said...

They are adorable - love the shirts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)