Saturday, October 16, 2010

31 for 21: Our Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Today we spent a few hours at Coopers Farms with our church youth group. It was a windy day but overall it was a beautiful fall day to spend outdoors with friends and family. Caleb and Isaac did much better than I expected them to. We even were able to all ride on a rather long hay ride together. I was holding Isaac and he had a little fear at the beginning and threw my glasses off my face. Thankfully, Elijah caught them and held onto them until I was able to calm Isaac. Caleb did really well on the hay ride.

This fall festival has grown alot over the past six or seven years. I remember taking Tristin when she was a preschooler and it was like a hay maze and a few cut outs to get your pictures with and the horse drawn surry rides. It wa alot of fun back then, but boy have they added stuff since I was last there about three years ago. They still have the horse drawn carriage rides, hay mazes and cut outs. Now they have included pony rides, a train made out of barrels pulled by a lawn mower, a long hay ride, a corn maze, face painting, today they had an apple cider press going with sampeling and much more. Its so great to see such a small town like ours having something fun for the kiddos to do and I was happy to see such a good turn out show up. Events like this are a hit or miss as to if we are able to enjoy ourselves AND tend to the boys needs. Today was on the better side. The older three did not get to do everything that they wanted to, but the fact that we were able to spend 2 hours there without a melt down and screaming was a good time.

I am thankful for a great TSS worker - Johnny - who helped me out with the twins today, as Tom was out hunting.

I am thankful for the courage I muster up to take the boys out to events like these knowing that it could end up really good, or really bad.

I am thankful for understanding siblings, who have learned that when the boys are ready to go, we have to go.

I am thankful for the patience God has given me and my entire family. Raising children with special needs is not always easy, but the rewards are far beyond what I can explain.

I am thankful for a church who accepts us in and loves all of my children unconditionally. The twins are very noisey little guys, they hum ALOT and the nice people at my church always say that they think its a blessing to hear little children during the sermon. They say that just hearing them makes them happy to know there are little ones in the church building.

I am thankful for the beauty of the seasons we get to enjoy here in Pennsylvania. Fall is so beautiful, photos cannot capture the beauty and smell we're surrounded by with the leaves turning color and falling like they do here.

I am thankful for those of you who read my blog and comment... Thank YOU!!
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Tara said...

And here I was bracing myself for yet another pumpkin patch post (it's that time of year), and you totally turned it into a lesson in gratitude. What a blessing! :) Your church sounds as amazing as mine, btw.