Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Sacrifice....

Today is Mothers Day and I purchase a nice little book for my mom to read and well I have to admit,  I enjoyed reading through it first.  There was alot to reflect on being a mom but this one entry really stuck to me and I thought I would share it here as I have so many followers with children who have disabilities too.

Mothers don't even think in terms of sacrifice.  No matter what they give up to raise their children, it is always worth it.

A mother's sacrifices are many, but they are rarely noticed or even commented upon.  At every level of society, culture, or civilization, when there is  little food or water, the child will always be fed or quenched before the mother even thinks about replenishing herself.  Her hunger is to fill her child's needs and wants.  It is an insatiable state that exists from the moment she gives birth until her dying day.  She will, without exception, always put her children first.  She is, after all, a mother.

Taken from a book called Tranquil thoughts on motherhood by Kattrin Davida

Happy Mothers Day!!

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