Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Garden Take One

Last year was our first gardening experience.  It went rather well.  I think we got alot of veggies harvested and other than the weeds completely getting away from us after our trip to Hershey for a few days I was happy with our experience.  Tom and I discussed it a bit over the winter and we decided to make the garden even bigger.  SO!!??  Let's see how this year goes.

All winter Tom read up on several different gardening techniques and we've decided to do raised rows.  Its going to be alot of work but worth it hopefully as far as weed control.  Our garden this year measures 57 feet x 59 feet.  Thats over 3000 sq foot of garden space people.. WOW!!

Tonight we began by playing in the dirt.  All the kids played their part very well, now let's hope that it continues :)


The twins will do a task if you make a game out of it.  Their job tonight was to PICK UP.... PUT IN.  We all sang Pick Up... pointed to a rock, when the boys got to the rock and picked it up, we then sang Put In and they took the rock to the 5 gallon bucket setting on the side of the garden threw it in and we all clapped.  They really had fun.  They did this for about 20 minutes which was amazing and fun for all of us.  Between the two of them they almost filled 1/4 of that bucket!!!

Then off the the swing set for a bit:

Elijah of course had to go for the digger and rough up the land to make it easier to rake over a bit.  He too did a good job but wanted to hit the swing set with the twins when they headed that way.


Camille impressed me the most.  She stayed down with daddy until dark when we called it quits.  She did work hard and her efforts were really a huge help.... This IS a big deal to have Camille help out like this, usually she is the last to jump into a job and actually do it, very proud of her!!


Tristin said she wanted a work-out, we gave her a work-out.  Although we would have much rather she had shoes on to shovel, she wanted to be a bare foot farmer...LOL  A farmer right up the road brought his commercial tiller up and tilled our garden for us this year and it did an amazing job.  The dirt is nicely broke up and rather smooth so its been pretty easy to move around like we want it.


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