Friday, May 14, 2010

C is for Cookie

I have been under the weather with a nasty virus the past three days and my hubby has been such a trooper with taking off a few days from work to take over my duties for me.  I was actually really happy that he was able to see the boys in therapy today, (speech and occupational therapies)  I personally find it so encouraging to see what they do with my children and other children with disabilities to better their futures. 
When Tom goes out without me to a grocery store he always seems to find the biggest doughnuts or cookies made by man.  Today was no different.  He brought these huge sugar cookies with M&M's in them and I laughed and asked who could eat a whole one of those??
One thing about Caleb and Isaac is that they will not eat things they do not recognize.  So I proceeded to break one of these cookies into four to give to my Isaac, which was still big for him, but no longer looked like a round cookie.  He wouldn't take it, he refused it and when I kept encouraging him that it was a cookie and he would like it and he just started gagging.. which is what he ends up doing if we try to force something on him he doesn't want. 
So I wanted to see what happened when I handed him a full cookie out of the same box....

Uh, Huh... he's no dummy and he sure has his mama trained!!!

Thanks Honey for all your HELP :)

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