Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Tube Video of twins with Down Syndrome

A fellow blogger friend Maggie from Take a Walk on the Happy Side: Down Syndrome Awareness, had a reply to one of her recent posts that was very interesting to me and I wanted to share it with anyone else who may be interested. Maggie is one of the few people I have found online who also has identical twins both with Down Syndrome. If you are a reader of my blog and you know of any other people out there that have twins both with Down Syndrome and you could share their blog with me please do, we are so very rare, and its encouraging to find others who may be traveling the same path.


Ria said...

I think that's so neat that the school put up a fence specifically to accommodate Matthew's needs, ie prevent him from wandering away. What a great video! Thanks for sharing.

Ria said...

I came across someone on facebook who has fraternal twins with DS. I don't know if she has a blog though. Are you on facebook too? I can send you her name via facebook. Or you can contact me via my blog and I'll email it to you. I don't know the person so I don't know if she would appreciate me dropping her name here. I did send her a message about your blog though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We re more than one in this world! We are from Greece and have two identical DS boys of 20 months old.
Our facebook id is