Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Sweet Corn Season!!!

One of the many many benefits of us being Hanzely's is that we live on a very large family farm. Tom's uncle has 14 greenhouses here in which he grows annuals, hanging baskets, and some vegetables to sell to retail stores in the area. Tom's dad has a retail nursery where they sell alot of those plants and now its sweet corn time. We have approximately 12 acres of sweet corn they grow and sell at the store. I always say one of the reasons I married into this family was for their sweet corn!!! (Tom, your the best reason!!) The corn is amazing and we don't get sick of it at all. We eat corn several times a week through August and part of September. Here are a few photos from this week, the kids ALL love eating corn on the cob.

Camille's getting the butter going:

Elijah's getting down to business:

Caleb feeding himself, he was actually much more interested in the ham tonight:

Isaac enjoying his corn:

And Tristin was late joining us for dinner because she has been helping PaPa sell the corn in at the store each day. She's getting good a ringing up sales and customer service, I'm so proud of her for doing such a big girl job. She's 11 and this is her 3rd year working corn season. Here she is being goofy. I told her I wanted her picture for the blog and this is what she gave me:

FYI, Caleb and Isaac are just starting to have plates on their high chair trays for their meals. They mostly just feed themselves finger foods and eat off the tray directly. Actually what you did not see in the photo was Tom and I holding the plates down. If we were to leave them on the tray and look away for a second they would fling them across the room. There have been many a mess we've cleaned up because we thought they were going to do it right this time. We are working very hard on this. They will be 4 in October and I am so ready to have them self-feed. They're getting there, but they have a long way to go yet. I'm proud of them for what they've done so far, but its time to kick it up a notch boys...LOL


Christine said...

we loe corn here too! Yours looks delicious-- all mutli colored. Yum!

amy flege said...

we love sweet corn.. living in iowa, how could you not??????

Ria said...

Delicious!! I love fresh sweet corn.

ch said...

oooooooooooo...tom. you're lucky stacy got to you first. i am a sweet corn addict. i eat at least 6 ears at a sitting and then any leftovers are breakfast...cold from the fridge. yummers.

i think it's time we paid a visit...