Thursday, August 20, 2009


I am so grossed out right now. I just went and changed a poopy diaper on Isaac. And NO that is not what grossed me out thats a daily occurance times two, I'm just used to that by now. Anyway, yesterday was the first day I let Isaac's tummy go without a bandage on it. It is healing up rather nicely and has a scab on it. So I thought I'd go ahead and leave it unbandaged to get some air. I'm changing his diaper when a string glistens in the sunlight. I was like OH there's a hair stuck to his scab. I gently tug at it to see if I can remove it and OOOOOOHHHH My goodness!!!! Its a stictch. The area begins bleeding and I'm freaking out all over again.. Geez. Someday's this doctoring stuff it even to much for me.. Its not bleeding badly, just a speck of blood but now I'm freaked out to ever pull anything from a scab again.


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ch said...

i absolutely feel your pain.

here's a link to prove it.