Saturday, August 1, 2009

Isaac's Post-Op Report

Surgery was Wednesday..

Thursday, Isaac was acting just like his own self, into everything, running around, falling down, getting back up and doing it all over again. I was surprised at how well he was doing. I did give him pain medicine morning, afternoon, and night. Maybe more for me..than him. He must have very high pain tolerance as he only got fussy a few time throughout the day. His TSS came and worked with him for 5 hours this morning, ate lunch, napped, got up and continued with his normal routine. Then he went to grandma and papa's so we could head out to a sign language class being given by our local Arc branch, and then home to bed. It was a rather good day.

Friday, I had decided to send Caleb to Stepping Stones (the twin's preschool for autistic children) without Isaac today. I was afraid that Isaac may get bumped or fall or something and hurt his tummy. So me and three kids were ready to head out the door and I started to get Isaac ready to hit the mall with me, Camille and Elijah. As I was changing his diaper I decided to remove his dressing from the surgery as it looked a little wet from drainage or something. We were allowed to removed it today. So I started to take off the corner and immediately sensed something was WRONG!! I incision was open. I was so scared I couldn't even continue to remove the bandage. I tried to put it back on and called the pediatrician to tell them I was coming right over after I dropped of Caleb. As soon as I dropped off Caleb to school the phone rang and it was the pediatricains office suggesting I call Children's and see where I should go, their office or the ER. They suggested I start at pediatrican's office. Once there, they removed the rest of the bandages and cleaned out wound and tried to put steri strips on the close it. No Go!! Off to Children's we go. The surgeon there explained to us that once you leave the OR which is a steril environment and have something like this happen we cannot close the wound back up because there would be to much bateria there and the possibility of infection was to great. So they taught us how to pack the wound, wet gauze, then dry gauze and tape. We have to change this three times a day and will go back to see him again next week. This will take two to three weeks to heal up. In that time there will be no baths, no swimming, and no rough housing... OH GEEZ. Caleb is in the tub as I'm typing this and its killing Isaac. Tom has to keep the door shut to the bathroom to keep Isaac out. Poor Guy.

Here is two photos I took tonight when we changed the bandages. It doesn't look as bad in the photos as it does in real life. Please keep him in your prayers that this heals up without infection and the scar will not be to bad. This is the whole reason for this scar revision surgery he had, to repair an ugly scar... :(


and you can see its not affecting him that much:

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ch said...

I'm so glad Isaac wasn't too affected by it all...because BOY I sure was.

AAAACK! I would have added a sizable puddle of puke to the situation. You are a super mom...and i can't even IMAGINE denying lc the tub for 3's a rare day that goes by without a FEW dips in the tub...

Hope things start looking up in the near future...