Saturday, August 8, 2009

I DID IT!!!! Here's my 100th Post

How ironic that this falls on my Birthday!!! This makes me happy that I have stuck to blogging and will continue to do so over time. This has been a great way to share stories, photos, memories, add prayer requests, and just be able to share a part of my life with those interested. When your a SAHM sometimes it gets real boring not having that adult talk time with co-workers and friends. This has been an outlet for me to keep my sanity and to remind myself that we have a great life, a great family, and a great future waiting for us.

The kids and my mom baked me a cake yesterday while I was in Pittsburgh with Isaac. Our trip went great! The surgeon said that Isaac's wound looks great and the chances of it getting infected at this point are pretty slim. He said to keep it bandaged for another two weeks and then start applying Vitamin E oil on it daily by massaging the area to keep the scar from attaching itself to the second layer of skin which would cause the scar to "dimple" when he grows bigger.

Anyway, I recorded the children singing Happy Birthday to me last night and it was so cute. I cannot figure out how to share that on here as I recorded it on my phone, but it will be a sweet sweet memory for me. I love hearing my children sing. Its the most beautiful thing in the world, especially when they are serious about it and trying their best.

Here's my birthday wacky cake... THANKS mom and kids, it was YUMMY!!:

So for the fourteen years I have been a wife to Tom, for the past twelve years I have been a mom, for the past seven years I have been a Christian striving to learn more and more in my walk with Christ. These have truly been the most wonderful years of my 37 years here on earth, and I hope I have another 37 years to continue my journey.


ch said...

We're so thankful you've stuck to your blogging to share your gifts, talents and sweet kiddos with the world!

Happy birthday to you!!! Thanks for continually sharing the gift of yourself with all of your readers!

datri said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Ria said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

I don't remember how I found you but I must say your kids are so adorable. I have a 22 month old son who has Down syndrome.

You are the 2nd person I have found who has identical twins who both have Down syndrome. You probably know MaggieMae who blogs at Take a Walk on the Happy Side.

Have a great day!

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