Monday, July 13, 2009


We are here in Hershey for our annual trip. Tom always has a conference here with the AICPA each year for his continuing education credits and we "the rest of the family" come to hang out at the hotel and have fun. This year we brought my 10 year old niece with us to help out with the twins. So basically that means me and six kids at the pool all day equals fun fun fun!!! The twins are doing rather well. Caleb is swimmer, Isaac is fearful of the water. They are currently taking a nap and kids are watching TV so I get a bit of quiet and relaxation for today. This truly means vacation to me. Usually when twins are sleeping and kids are watching tv, I kick into gear and get housework done or whatever else may need tended to. This is a treat to kick back on a bed with my feet up and blog ;)

Here are some photos from yesterday. We headed to Chocolate World and then to our hotel. We stay at the Hershey Lodge, its so nice here and there's lots to do with the kids so we don't need to leave this place again until its time to go home.

Kids getting their pretend chocolate fulfillment:

All the kiddo's right in a row:

My sweet Isaac, he had more fun just sitting and watching everyone swim. He plays in knee hit to waste high water but he's still a bit timid.

My Double Trouble :)

We always luck out and get beautiful weather. I'm so thankful for my hubby wanting us to come along with him. Due to the size of our family we have to rent two joining rooms each visit, and that AIN'T cheap!! More photos later.

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datri said...

We had so much fun at Hershey Lodge last year! You're so lucky you get to go there every year!