Sunday, July 26, 2009

Garden Update

I haven't been taking photos of the garden like I wanted to but I am very excited to report that we had dinner tonight directly from the garden and ONLY garden food. Honestly it wasn't a very big hit with the kids but Tom and I really enjoyed it. We had breaded zucchini (YUMMY!), tomato and cucumber salad, and fresh broccoli. Not a usual dinner for sure but one that I am very proud of. The twins actually ate some of the broccoli and they love cucumbers. The zucchini got spit out and tossed on the floor in disapproval. Oh well more for mom and dad.

I must admit my husband was so very right in suggesting that I not do a garden for the past three years. With the twins being so ill and needing lots of extra attention at the beginning, there was no way I could have gotten out there to weed and harvest. Its still super hard now to get it all done and honestly the weeds are growing like crazy. I try to keep the area right around the crop cleared out and have let the rest go. But all in all, I would have to say I am very happy we decided to do the garden this year. Its going to save us money and I know that I grew the food organically and its going to be better for us.

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