Friday, July 24, 2009

Elijah's 6th Birthday


Dear Elijah,

This year has been an amazing year dear son. You started school and grew up before our eyes. No longer do we have a noisy little toddler running around screaming his head off for no reason at all, but now we see a young gentleman forming who loves to read, enjoys playing rather difficult games on the computer, is great with numbers and facts and loves doing mazes. You have such a loving and caring personality. Hugs and kisses for mom and dad, little brothers and grandparents. You still are a ball of energy but your learning how and when to use up that energy. I love watching you race the dog three times around the house, you sure are fast!! And I'm proud of how well you've learned sign language to help us teach your little brothers, and the love and attention you show them on a daily basis. Your a wonderful big brother, ya still need a little work at being a little brother....LOL or is driving your sisters nuts part of that equation?

I look forward to what this next year brings with you dear Elijah. Your smile lights up my heart and your jokes and laughter bring so much joy to my ears. I thank the Lord for each and every child of mine, and today especially I feel so extra blessed to have you for a son. I love you more than words can even express.


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