Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prayer Request for Caleb

Caleb will be having surgery on Monday June 16th to repair an Epigastric Hernia.  He has had this for several years now and its been getting a little bigger and a little bigger each year.  Its still pretty small but the surgeon told us that it will have to be repaired and having it done as a child is better than waiting until he is a teenager.  It will grow as he grows and become painful as the years go on. So, Monday Caleb is scheduled for dental work and we opted to go ahead and have the hernia repaired as well.

Here is my prayer request.  We went yesterday for his pre-op appointment with his pediatrician. He actually was very cooperative and calm, so calm that the doctor was actually able to get a good listen to his heart.  She asked when we see the cardiologist again for him... "UMMMM?! That is the only "ologist" we don't see" is what I told her.  She said she was hearing a murmur and felt that we better go ahead and have an ECHO done before surgery on Monday.  It could very well be nothing and its just a precautionary test or we may have to add the cardiologist to our large list of doctors.

I need prayers that he will stay still for the test, that we can explain to him what is being done and that it won't hurt him.  We need to have him understand that if he just sits still for a few seconds it will all be over and we can go home.  I hope that tomorrow is one of those days that Caleb surprises me.  I pray that this is nothing but a precautionary test that comes back normal.   There are so very many many many online Down Syndrome mommy friends who's children deal with heart issues and I have always felt relieved that we escaped that common symptom of Down Syndrome.

I would appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers for my sweet Caleb over the next few days.  I have heard that this is a painful recovery and he has to miss a whole weeks worth of fun activities at Camp Confidence this year.  His brother Isaac will actually get to go do something alone without this twin for once in his life..... (and mom's little nervous about that too..LOL)

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Roberta Connor said...

I will be praying for Caleb.