Friday, June 13, 2014

Mr. Caleb is Pleasantly Surprising

This morning was Caleb's ECHO procedure.  I had already had it in my head that he would not cooperate and we would have to do it at Children's on Monday during his hernia repair procedure. After posting on Facebook yesterday requesting prayers I had a fellow mom suggest to desensitize Caleb to the procedure by showing him YouTube videos of what all is done.  (Thank you Keri) I did that.  As the video was playing I was touching him and explaining that it wouldn't hurt and the little girl on the screen isn't crying so it must not be uncomfortable.  We talked about it several times telling him that we were going to so and see a doctor (we call everyone doctors, its just easier) and they would be looking at his heart on a TV.   When we asked him if he wanted to see his heart on a TV he signed "yes", so I was feeling a little confident that he was going to handle this just fine.

We get to hospital and the best distraction for my twins is the TV.  So we watched Price Is Right and we clapped along with the silly contestants and got all silly.  They called Caleb back and we headed right into the room.. It was going smoothly thus far!

There was a big comfy chair upon entering the doorway and he decided that was where he was going to plant his behind and sit.  The technician asked him to remove his shirt and lay on the bed.... That's when things started to get a little tricky.  He started to fuss and twist and turn trying to get away.  We asked her if we could go slowly and explain everything to him and she was wonderful.... she even took the doppler and the goop and put it to her chest first to explain what she was going to do to him.. He was still very hesitant and signing "no, no, no" pretty constantly but then super daddy stepped in and asked if he could hold him on the bed to help him.  The technician said she really did need him to lay down and I got that feeling right then that it wasn't going to work.  Daddy went ahead and sat on the bed and put Caleb on his lap and asked if we could at least start out that way and see what would happen once things started..

SOOOOO..... in daddy's Caleb was fine, he was still, he was interested, he was perfect!!!! He sat on daddy's lap the entire time and she was able to see all the areas of the heart that she needed to.  When Caleb was getting squirmy she would turn the colors on and he would start staring at the screen again is awe of its changing colors.  He actually sat still for about 15 minutes, perfect to get a read on everything that they needed to see for this test.

Who woulda thunk it??!!

I am so proud of the fact that he is tolerating more things and even if he doesn't understand what they are doing he trusts his mommy and daddy enough to know if we say it won't hurt, its not going to hurt... HOORAY for progress...



Wait....... For results

AND Surgery is set up for Monday with a 6:30 am arrival time.  Surgery will take a little better than two hours so continued prayers appreciated.

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