Monday, June 2, 2014

Freiberg's Infraction

Yet another word that I learned today that I would not have cared if I had never learned it...ever!

Camille has had some pretty bad toe pain since at least December.  We saw our pediatrician about it once and talked to physical therapist about it while in treatment.  Both said that there is nothing to do for a broken or stubbed toe and to just wait it out and the pain should go away...  Well, several months later, the pain is still there and often worse than the week before.

I made another appointment to see our pediatrician last week and saw the Physicians Assistant there that we love.  She said that this has lasted long enough that it suggested an x-ray.  X-ray was taken Thursday and Friday morning they called and said they had already set up and appointment with a specialist.  When I asked if it was broken she said "Well, no, but there is something there that definitely needs attention from a podiatrist.  We got you an appointment for Monday morning"  YIKES!  That was quick is it serious?  And then she sprung the new word on me that I researched this weekend.  

Freiberg's Infraction.

We went and saw Dr. Hewitt this morning and he stated that this is a common issue found in dancers, which Camille is not.  Its also more found in females between the ages of 12 and 14, but its apparently rare enough that people often don't find it until its to late.  As a matter of fact, the x-ray was read as "normal" at the hospital, it was only when the specialist peeked at it they found the Freiberg disease. Camille's issue was advanced enough that she needed treatment, or if left untreated, she would need surgery in 2 - 3 years..  SOOOOOOO

Camille is starting the summer out like no 12 year old pre-teen wants to.  With a "medical boot" that she has to wear for at least the next six weeks... No activity, no pressure on the foot, no skating, no jumping on trampoline, no SWIMMING??!!!!! (can only sit on pool edge or in water but no bouncing or swimming)  Bummer Camille... but it beats the alternative of surgery in a few years.  Chin up girly, at least we can decorate it with colorful stickers or something ;)

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