Monday, August 2, 2010

Your Baby CAN Read... Month FOUR

Well, better late than never.  I am trying to update my blog monthly on how the boys are doing with this program.  I am one week late today.  As some of you may know, we have dealt with ALOT the past 5 weeks with Caleb having a broken femur and being in a 1/2 body cast, so being one week late is pretty good.  With Caleb being in a SPICA cast and not mobile at this time, he's been watching alot of tv.  The boys usually watch way more tv than my other three children ever did, but Caleb is watching hours and hours of television everyday.  This being said, its good for him using this program because he loves watching the Your Baby CAN Read DVD's.  He claps when I put them in, so I know its not a chore to watch them, its enjoyment for him.  Isaac enjoys them very much too, but he's really into running around and playing with toys alot now too, so he may not sit and watch the whole video but he definitely knows his favorite parts as you will hear his little feet pitter patter across the house to come and listen when his favorite song being sung.

We still goto Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy twice a week.  One boy in session for 1/2 hour the other boy in the waiting room for 1/2 hour doing flash cards or reading through the books.  As I mentioned last month, its still completely priceless to see the jaws dropping on the other people in the waiting areas watching the boys reading and signing the words and the pure excitement the twins show by being right.

I am not having the best luck with capturing this on video.  I cannot figure out how to get my video from my video recorded to my computer and the cell phone that we used this month seems to not have audio??  So I apologize for the quality of this video but even without sound you can see what words they are reading by their signs.  And if you don't know sign language.... well, trust me.. They ARE reading!!!  Our tally is about 50 words now that they are recognizing and reading.  Its so exciting and still very encouraging that these boys WILL be readers!!!

The first video is them watching Level 3 DVD

The Second Video is them reading from the My First Words book which contains 30 words for growing minds, they can read every one of the words.  We are still working on signs with them for zebra, umbrella and bucket, but they recognize the words, just can't communicate them to us yet.  I am VERY happy about this!!

I am still totally amazed at the response we've seen out of the boys with this program.  I am anticipating great things from both boys in the future!!!

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Natalie said...

Great videos Stacy! I was able to hear the video in the first one. I personally loved watching Caleb, since he was more immobile. He just looks like he's just hanging out, like "yeah, I got this one," then does the sign.

I've been curious about this program and if it really does work so I'm anxious to see the posts you do on it. So far, I'm liking what I'm seeing. :)