Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Your Baby Can Read - Month 5

We are still keeping up the Your baby Can Read Series this summer, although I must admit we have slacked off a bit due to so much going on.  Caleb in his SPICA cast, five kids at home with their own busy schedules, gardening and canning, and just everyday chaos that finds us here at home...ends up being my only excuse for this.  The one new development that we tried to catch on camera and didn't manage to do too well is that I am writing words on a MagnaDoodle and the twins are signing them almost before I even have the word entirely written. I will try again to get this on video as its so darned cute.  When I mentioned that we are slacking off I meant that we have not progressed to Video #4 yet.  They are still watching Video #3 and doing the 1, 2, and 3 flashcard set and books as review.  I went ahead and got the next series out of the box tonight and we will begin them this week with the new video and new book.  Now that the all the kids are back in school and I can get back into a routine that I can control I plan on including this program into their daily routines again.

Keep checking back, keep with us here, we ARE still making progress, we ARE still totally amazed that our almost 5 year old non-verbal twins both with PDD Autism and Down Syndrome are responding so well to this program and are beginning to read even before starting kindergarten.  They still have another year to learn to read.  I am hopeful that their future has been changed just by one program that is teaching them in a way that we would have never thought of on our own.  We have put ALOT of work into these boys over the past four years, they amaze us each and every day and they give us so much to brag about to those that didn't think they could do what they are doing.  I have three older "typical" children before the twins and I can tell you they were not reading the word elephant, arms up, point or hippopotamus before they started school.

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