Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Elijah

Its so hard to believe 7 years ago we became parents to our first son.  Elijah Thomas came into this world super fast.. contractions started at midnight, by the time I figured it was time to head to the hospital it was 12:30, we arrived at the hospital at about 12:50 and before they even got me into a room I was pushing. He arrived at 1:05am, no pain meds, not cameras ready, no time to even think about what was happening.  Doctor didn't even get all of her scrubs on, just her gloves and booties over her sneakers... actually it was quite a funny sight.

He is still as unpredictable and on the go today and keeps me guessin even more.  He loves to read, he loves playing the Wii for hours at a time until he can solve a game or at least complete several stages.  He is the fastest runner I've ever seen for a kiddo his size.  He is the most coorporative child at home yet the most stubborn if he does not want to do something.  He is great at praying before meals and is so compassionate towards those he knows need prayer, including his twin brothers.  He is amazing with them and I know they love having Elijah as their big brother.

Seven years have gone by so fast.  I look forward to another year and all the guessing I'll be in for with this little man.  I am so blessed to have all five of my children.  I thank the Lord daily and pray that he will give me the wisdom and guidance to raise them in according to his will.  Elijah is on the right road and my prayers are that he always remains in this direction.

Love You Elijah Thomas!!!

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Ria said...

Happy 7th birthday Elijah! Have another great year!
What a funny birth story! Maybe not so funny though at the time when you didn't have any pain meds.