Monday, September 8, 2014

We just want a place to fit in.... MattyBRaps new Video True Colors

I sat and watched this video on a friends Facebook wall.  I knew it was going to be good because I like MattyBRaps and I have followed his journey since I found out he has a beautiful sister with an extra special chromosome like my identical twins Caleb and Isaac have.

When I saw the song was a remix of Cyndi Laupers song True Colors I was even more excited to watch the video.  I was able to see Cyndi Lauper a few years before the twins arrived and she was a great performer and still one of my favorite "oldies but goodies".

Watch the video and then play it again and read my commentary:

The following lyrics really stood out to me....I played this song over and over again and I'll be honest I had tears flowing.  We have had the twins on the playground and the same scene happened, kids looked at them and got up and very obviously moved to a different part of the playground.  We have had children rudely tell the twins to shut up and quit making those loud noises.  We also have had one incident where a child pushed one of the twins because "he was retarded and shouldn't be allowed to play there".  So YES these words really hit the spot for me as their parent, YES these words are heartfelt towards other parents raising children with special needs, YES these are words worth sharing to help advocate for children like mine.  Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD.... not words I ever dreamed would consume my life and world and yet create a passion to learn about these words non-stop.  I happily state that I give all Glory to God for allowing me the opportunity to open my heart and mind to learn about these words; Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD..  I know there are so many other disabilities and diseases out there that I do not understand or know inside and out like I do my own children's disabilities but I sure know one thing for sure, the children ALL WANT LOVE, the children ALL WANT RESPECT, the children all deserve acceptance that it wasn't them that determined they would be different or sick.  Read these words and T H I N K, reflect on how you can personally open your heart and mind a little more and help out a family in some small way, even just opening up a casual conversation at the playground while your children play together.  Show them your "True Colors and How Beautiful Like a Rainbow" they are!!

We get uncomfortable when someone else is DIFFERENT

and it presses us to be open to change

mistreated not because of fashions that you've taken on or a terrible mistake but Hated on Because of your DNA.

It's never doin harm until it feels unfair and then we speak up but wonder why no one else cares

If we're honest inside.. and really wanted to right.. judging other for something they have no control of might be comical at times, but that might make me less of a man, the biggest thing I think is standing as a leader instead.

Imagine life without the boundaries we create with our pride and opportunities we lose because we judge from inside

The truth is that we are all equal and the answer is LOVE!!!

I'll admit I am still a work in progress myself, I still lose my tongue sometimes around other families with children with special needs not knowing what to say, but I can tell you a never fail conversation opener... you ready for it??!!... "Your child is so beautiful" "Tell me about him/her".

Thank you MattyBRaps for advocating for your little sister and for other children like her.  For opening up hearts and minds to at least being able to understand why they are different and how they are the same.

You don't have to go far to read terrible comments that people with Down Syndrome hear all the time.  Read the comments under the YouTube video posted above, its got to stop and it has to start somewhere.  Please share this blog if its touched you and leave a comment, I want to hear from people reading my blog!!!


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