Monday, September 8, 2014

Morning Photo Routine Continues

Nothing like having my twins put a smile on my face each morning with their cute little routine that has just started with this new school year.  After taking tons of photos the first day of school they figure that is how each school day should start.  I just have to budget a few extra minutes each day before bus comes but other than that this is a great part of the day that I hope lasts for awhile.

So I started with the usual:

Isaac using his skills to try to open door
(Thankfully he can't YET)

Caleb posing like the ham he is

Today they both wanted the limelight and were pretty much fighting to get close to the phone camera, actually too close>  I have to admit I like their way of taking photos better.  Anyone know how to take the glare off their glasses so bad?  I know, I know, don't stand right next to a window...LOL  got that:

My Favorite

Once the pushing and shoving to get into mommy's camera had stopped Isaac hit the record button, I love what we got with that:

How can I say I have it rough with these two little chipper boys?  Somedays they are not so chipper and more active that I am, but its these moments that bring the most joy.  Now off to an emergency dentist appointment to fix a tooth that gave me a long painful weekend.  Good Day to ya!!

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