Friday, May 11, 2012

What can words do?? (Part One)

I have had a VERY EMOTIONAL roller coaster over the past two weeks.  I have had something happen to me that has been so personally emotionally draining that I am still not sure how I can fully recover.  I will think on how to write about it after everything passes.  So words can HURT very badly and words can identify something in a way that is completely untrue and make someone out to be someone or something that they are not.

Then today I receive an email from someone who I have never met.  Someone that I talked to on the phone for work recently and felt really bad once I hung up because I had such a hard time hearing her due to the twins demanding my time to put on a tv show or give them a cracker or just the usual..mommies on the phone, so lets cling on her and hum and fuss to get her off the phone..

See I have said a hundred times before, I LOVE that I have been blessed to find a position with an organization that allows me to work from home.  Its the only way that I could work while raising five children.. all with their own needs, but especially my twins with PDD Autism and Down Syndrome.  Often I find myself apologizing to the person on the other end of the phone because of the noises happening on my end of the receiver.  I am often left wondering what in the world that person I was just talking to thought of our phone conversation..

Today I got the NICEST email from this person.  So today I am happy to say that words can UPLIFT a person in so many ways.  Here is the email (with person's permission)

I have to tell you that I was so inspired by you that I went online yesterday searching the Today show website trying to find an e-mail address for them to see if there was a way to get your story out there for Mother of the year nominations and I thought "this is it!" it said you had to nominate someone you knew and write an essay, I thought I don't know her, but I can do this, and my essay was going to be about how a woman I never met inspired me, how I only had 2 interactions involving this woman, one was a phone conversation in which I could hear a baby crying, and your explanation that you had identical twin boys, and how I immediately identified with that situation of trying to have a phone conversation when my boys were young, as I also have identical twin boys, whom I feel so blessed to have.  Buth then you went on to tell me that your boys have autism and kept you very busy.  You said it with joy in your voice, not with the sound of a stressed out mom, and I hung up the phone, thinking wow, she has such a positive attitude.  The other interaction was when I was on your website trying to find an application for the summer camp program you hold, and I came across your blog.  You described yourself as a mother of 5, and told of your 1 in a million twins who were identical, had downs syndrome, and autism, and how lucky you were to have them, and they changed your life.  I thought this story would inspire many......So, anyways, as I read on about the contest, the entry date had passed, and it was too late to nominate you--but next year, if I come across such a contest again-I think you would be the winner HANDS DOWN!  So, whatever it's worth from a lady you don't know---Happy Mothers Day!!

This email brought tears to my eyes and actually pulled me out of a funk that I have been in for a week now from the hurtful words that were presented to me last week.  I try my hardest to always speak in positive ways.  I try my hardest to never speak unkindly of someone even if I am thinking that they should have some unkind words spoken to them.  I pray for wisdom for my tongue and mind all the time.  I don't claim to be the perfect mom; I don't say that I know exactly what I am doing; I will not intentionally do or say anything to harm my children.  I appreciate this email from someone whom I have never met before more than she could ever begin to understand..  She was the angel God sent me today to cheer me up :)

More to come soon..........

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