Saturday, May 26, 2012

Makes a MaMa Proud!!!

Tom and I have been hard at work getting our garden cleaned up and ready to plant for the season.  Last June when I fell and tore my ACL kinda threw a wrench into our garden season last year.  And then to endure reconstructive surgery in August right before we normally harvest all the garden produce, I probably don't need to explain that our garden was a real MESS this spring.  No fall clean up..  unharvested produce... weeds galore, it really was just not pretty.  Tom has been down at the garden for hours upon hours getting it ready.  He did and AMAZING job and I can't wait to plant all our goodies this year.  Lord willing, we will have a nice harvest this year and I have LOTS of canning to do this fall.  We are out of all my good sauces, vegetables, and jams in our pantry.

After Tom finished tilling up the soil I wanted to layer the isles again this year with cardboard to keep the weeds down and to give us a cushion of sorts to walk upon as we do our gardening.  We just bought a small lawn mower and garden cart to help us with our yardwork this year.  The kids are so excited that daddy took time to train them all in fine detail on how to drive the lawn mower.  Each child is excited to help with the yard work so far this year and often ask if there is anything they can do to be able to drive the mower and cart around.  We have accomplished a ton of little jobs that we would not have otherwise even attempted without the cart so far this spring.

Elijah was asking and asking what it was he could do to be allowed to drive the mower.  I mentioned that we needed cardboard lined up in the garden between the isles.  He was right on it.  I helped him load the cardboard into the cart and then he took it from there.

He worked up a sweat for sure and after the third load he as super happy when the mower ran out of gas and he could take a break before laying the cardboard on the last row.  This HAD to be documented, because this is out of the ordinary..... but I like having a motivator that will make my kids want to work!!!!!  That mower was worth every little penny we paid for it already :)

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lovemy3 said...

So jealous! That is the biggest thing I miss from living in the country! Hope the kids stay motivated and you have a great harvest!