Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day gift from Elijah

I love getting homemade gifts from the kids for Mothers Day.  I especially love when you can tell that the kids have put lots and lots of work into the gift.  Elijah is in third grade and her teacher and her art teacher have worked all year long to put together an awesome Mothers Day book..  They took several photos of Elijah throughout the year, he made art projects to go with the photo.  The book was so nicely wrapped and Elijah put it on my pillow before I awoke on Mothers Day.... how sweet!!!!

I wanted to take photos to share and to keep.  I store away things like this and never seem to see them again, but this is why I love my blog, I can look it up whenever I want :)

I had a very nice mothers day this year and thank my hubby and kids for a wonderful day!!!!

Elijah is a baseball player

His class
Fingerprint turkey, each level used a different finger

I love you because; you help me when I'm sick and you feed me and
you spend money on me and you help me stay alive.

I am lucky because....I have you for a mother and you take care of me
and help me and put clothing on my back

Thanks buddy!!!!

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