Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jim and Kelley's wedding

We went off to Delaware this weekend for Tom's brother Jim's wedding to his beautiful bride Kelley.  We are known as "that family that never travels for weddings".  In our defense, traveling with five children, two of whom have PDD Autism and Down Syndrome, often times large gatherings are not doable.  With this being "Uncle Jimmy" getting married, we knew we were just going to have to bite the bullet and go.

We broke the trip up into two days to get there, and I'm really glad that we did.  The first day we stopped in at a little farmett that is run and enjoyed by about 20 adults with disabilities 5 days a week.  There was so much joy shared with us there.  If we could only dream to do something like this, we sure would!!!

Day two, got to the hotel, got kids all dressed up and guess what..??? No photos of our whole clan dressed up :(  We did manage to have our oldest Tristin take a few photos of mom and dad with the twins, I guess thats better than nothing, but I sure would have loved to have had the clan all together for one photo.

So here goes... PHOTO OVERLOAD, but to our family enjoy them :)   And after its all said and done, Caleb and Isaac totally surprised us with how well they did.  They survived the hotels, they survived the 5+ hour car ride, they survived the wedding and reception.. They're growing up!!

Camille and Tristin

playing quietly during wedding ceremony


Eric, Cathy and Zoey

Noah, Cathy and Zoey

Kelley and Jimmy

Beautiful photo captured twins standing back from noise


Beautiful Cousins

Pouting Maxwell



the two little Princesses' in the family



John Paul

Great Grandma

Thumb Print Tree

Tristin helped out with this project

Sarah and Ethan

me and my boys

Caleb ringing the bell

Isaac ringing the bell

Peek A Boo Kylie

Mother/Son dance

Beautiful Couple

Everything is fun with an iPhone handy

Elijah sporting his St. Patrick's day bracelets

Isaac teaching Noah some things

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