Friday, March 23, 2012

Beautiful Day for some Photos

Today we all headed over to Punxsutawney to get our picture taken for the Run or Walk for Someone Special event coming up next week.  The twins did awesome, as did the other three..  When we got home the boys were in such goofy playful moods I decided to get the camera out and take a few photos myself.  It was a record 80 degrees here in Pennsylvania today, unheard of for a March day.  We made sure to spend time outside on the playset and enjoy the weather.

It all started with ((HUGS)) on the porch

As they boys made their way to the swing set I watched them and my heart swelled with joy seeing how independent they are this year compared to last year.  We didn't get our fence up until late fall last year so honestly the twins did not have the freedom to go from the house to the swing set.  Now, they do!!

Caleb was telling Barney to stay still until he got up top with him

Yet another funny conversation with Barney that only the two of them know about

I liked the way Caleb was blurred and Barney's backside was the focus of this photo

Caleb does seem to be the leader of the pack.  Where he goes, brother usually follows.  Today especially Isaac has been very sensory seeking.  He has laid on his tummy on the hard floor doing the "humpy dance" as we call it.  He has been stimming  with his toothbrush waving it in the air as he does so frequently.  And this afternoon for some reason, he found a nail file and he would NOT allow me to take it from him.. So the rest of the photos you will see him holding a nail file, wanted to explain why :)

Then the next few photos are very much going to become one of my all time favorites.. I LOVE THEM!!!!

And finally, we end with yet another ((HUG))

Every single day there is something to be happy about.  Some days are stressful and super busy.  There are days when I wonder if we are making good decisions with their diets, their therapies and their education, but there isn't a single second I would take away from parenting these boys.  The Lord is so good, and with him I know we can find the strength and wisdom we need to tackle another day, another week, another year.


AngieW said...

Love the ones of them peeking thru the slats. Great Pictures.

Ellen Stumbo said...

They are so cute! They seem to be great friends and how fun that they can be more independent! We are getting there too :)