Friday, March 23, 2012

Crazy Sibling Time

I am always posting about the boys.  The main objective of my blog is to educate and spread awareness on Down Syndrome.  Siblings are a BIG part of that awareness.  Having brothers who demand so much of mom's attention does get on their last nerve sometimes, but when the day is done they are the first to run and give hugs and kisses at bed time and help the twins say their prayers.

Today, after spending some time taking photos of the twins playing outside today I wanted to be sure to catch the siblings while I had the camera out.  Sometimes getting all three older kids together can be a challenge.  Ones outside playing, one is at band practice, another is doing something somewhere... so tonight we found that time and it was fun!!

Ok had to record they were sitting this close and not fighting...LOL

My Charming Camille 
Terrific Tristin

Mr. Elijah is looking so grown up

Ok let the goofy photos begin

Fun Times at the Hanzely Clan Household tonight.

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Ellen Stumbo said...

It does look like fun!