Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ok THIS is NuTs!!!

I have to laugh at myself, really.  Who in their right mind goes out jogging 2 miles in 23 degree weather on snow and ice???   The Answer to that today is....ME!!!   I have decided to go throught the C25K program again and get ready to run a 5k in March again.  I haven't really been running so much over the winter months.  Maybe once a week on the treadmill, but today I thought lets get outside and give it a try in the winter weather.   OH BOY!!!

This is how I had to park, in a snow drift.....

This is me partially frozen after wind beating against me for 30 minutes:

Well, at least I did it.  I know I can, I know I must be officially a crazy fitness nut now, I know that there's no stopping me on my goal to running in three 5k's this year :)  Go Me!!!!


datri said...

Go Stacy!

Nicole said...

LOL! Now that is dedication!