Saturday, September 19, 2009


Wow, I guess I had not realized how long its been since I've last blogged. The kids went back to school, we're starting a new schedule with everyone, new wake times, new bed times, new teachers, new mobile therapist (for kids), its starting to get dark earlier.... How much can change in less than three weeks??

I cannot recall ever even hearing the word "transition" before having my twins. But now we plan for transitions. Transitioning from early intervention to preschool. Transitioning from preschool to school. Transitioning from school to adult life. Transition, transition, transition. Life is nothing but a big ole transition in which we can never expect what it may bring to us. We can goto the school and develop an IEP for our children to work on certain goals in hopes of them accomplishing them by a certain time....and then OOPS a transition. We have something unexpected happen in our lives, we move, new job, death in the family, we bring in a new family member, whatever the case may be happy or sad or otherwise, there's always life going on that is so unpredictable that how do we plan for these things?

I am happy with chaos, really I think I thrive on it. I have some many people ask me how I do what all I do, but I'm one of those people who take everything to the deadline and then finish it with gold stars. I know that during big times of transition life gets crazier than normal...such as now. But one of my favorite things to tell myself when I so often talk to myself is, "This Too Shall Pass" and I am learning that this too shall pass faster than I'm ready to accept it. I love having my kids little, I love wiping tears and kissing boo boo's, I love giving big ole bear hugs so hard I make the kids fart...heheheee Looks like this post is coming to the point that I'm not ready to move onto the next phase of parenting...a teenager!! LOL

Sorry to rant about this subject, but I think that so many people are putting way to much into planning planning planning. I like it one day at a time.

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