Friday, November 30, 2012

Seeking Second iPad... Because of Positive Results

Sometimes it doesn't make to get a second item of something simply because you have twins.  When they were tiny I would buy two teddy bears, two of the same books or games, two of the same toys.  Now that the boys are seven I am finally learning that sharing is a life skill that we all need to learn.  So I no longer buy the second item when it comes to things they may "want".

Now shoes, coats, and clothing... I guess I have a hard time breaking that.  I love to dress them the same.  I do not do it every single day, probably like four out of seven days, but its something that "mom" still likes to do while they are young.  Its still really fun confusing people because so many still have a very difficult time telling them apart.

So onto the topic of this post.  Caleb had a wish from Make A Wish back in August of this year, right before school started. I just realized I NEVER blogged about that yet YIKES!!    Part of his wish was to receive an iPad with Proloque2Go software to perhaps help him communicate.  Both twins are non-verbal, have Autism and Down Syndrome.  Our primary means of communication right now is sign language.  It works for us, but not so much for family, friends, and community members.   I was skeptical about using an iPad for communication.  I didn't know if they would actually be able to understand the concept and form appropriate answers or questions.  Today I learned different!!!!!!

Today their speech therapist from school called me.  She is so wonderful and also just happens to be the "Autism Expert" at our local school district.  She wanted to express how amazed she was at how well the boys are doing with the iPad.  They are requesting things from their calendar at school, they are interacting with stories, and they are asking to play specific games on the classroom iPad... Her concern is that we only have one iPad and two boys so she cannot get them to use this to their full potential.  Ideally she would like for us to have TWO iPads so that they could communication to each other.  WOW!!! I could not even envision seeing this happen right now.  They laugh together and play together but I really have never seen them sign to one another or communicate with each other.  I guess other than one throwing a toy at brothers  head and the other retaliating by scratching big tiger marks down the middle of the perpetrators back.  To me that means: "I don't like that!!"

So, its Christmas time.  We have five children.  Husband works very hard and long hours to provide.  I work very part time from home, but also do all the mommy tasks that consume my days.  Life is expensive.  How can we find a way to get a second iPad without asking for charity or waiting to be chosen from the hundreds of iPad giveaways I've entered over the past year or grants I've applied for?  Has anyone ever done a fundraiser for their child to get an iPad?  If we were to try to save up the extra money it would be nearly the end of the school year before we could probably get one.  We could skimp here and skimp there... yes, but how can we find one either used at a good price now or raise the funds ourselves....

Speech therapist recommended looking on Ebay for used ones.  New technology is out there, iPad mini's are out and people will be getting rid of their "old stuff".  I browsed Ebay for 30 minutes or more tonight and found nothing less than $300 plus shipping, which to me is not a great deal for a used item. I don't want to spend hours browsing for something I may never find....

SOOOOOO I come to you, my blog readers.  Shout out some suggestions.  

Again, I am NOT looking for a hand out.. I am not looking for charity... I am looking for a way to provide my second son with a communication device quickly.  I am hoping that the feedback I receive will also help someone down the road that may be in the same situation as we are.

Bragging Moment:

Caleb's school work papers

Needed help writing his name but glued number is correct order INDEPENDENTLY!!!

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