Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Down in the Dumps....

I always wondered why my grandma would use the term "in the dump".  I always thought it was kinda funny.  The past three weeks I have been dealing with a strained back.  I have been in pain, I have been unable to pick up my twins, I have been unable to keep the house up like I NEED to with five children, I have been unable to be my happy cheerful self because I have this dull nagging pain in my lower back.  I am being treated by a chiropractor and my doctor.  I'm not to the point of being depressed, but I think I am just down in the dumps.  I think I get that saying now.  Each day I try to wake refreshed and start on the right foot, but each day something pops up and shoves me back to the dumps.

Let me give you a PERFECT example of a typical day lately.  Here is yesterday:

Wake up, get five, ok four  kids off to school. Tristin is capable of getting herself off to high school. *check*
Pump up radio with Christmas music to get in the mood to clean house *check*
Coffee *check*   another Coffee *check*
Start feeling the energy pumping through my veins and begin accomplishing things *check*

First load of laundry goes in and I go out to visit and feed our rabbits.  Come back in to switch laundry and what do I find??? A diaper had been thrown into the mix and all those annoying little water beads were EVERYWHERE.... Ugh!!!!

What do you do when you launder a disposable diaper with your clothes?

First, I shook out the clothes over the garbage can, then I scooped out whatever I can of the annoying beads from the washing machine  and then I Googled what I am supposed to do. Isn't that what everyone does when they are in a pickle these days??  I will save you this step, in case this ever happens to you, first of all.. I'm sorry if it does.. Second, its not as big a headache as I thought I would be.  I envisioned me sitting there picking every single annoying little water bead of every individual piece of clothing.  Thankfully, not so.  Simply put clothes into your dryer and run on high heat.  It dissolves the annoying little water beads and your filter catches the little debris.  You WILL have to run your dryer twice as it will take longer to get everything dry.  Then I got as much of the annoying little water beads as I could wiped out of the washing machine and ran it empty.  It worked like a charm and I was off and running to get my second load of the day going.

Laundry situation fixed *check*
Get dinner in crockpot *check*
Start making bread and dinner rolls for dinner..... and then my second hurdle for the day happened..

As I was pouring the last cup of flour into my Kitchen Aid my husband called me on the phone.  I answer the phone before actually pouring that last cup into the Kitchen Aid and chat with him all the while forgetting where I am in bread making process.  Oh, I needed to dump in last cup of flour.  As I continue my conversation with hubby and remain distracted from my awesome bread making skills, I dump in the last cup of flour quickly.......... ok anyone who bakes bread should be laughing right about now.  YEP my Kitchen Aid spewed flour up in my face, all over my counters and floors and surely made more than a cups worth of flour MESS!!!!!

Clean flour mess *check*

Giggle to myself thinking of the day I've had thus far........ Rrrrrrrrring... Rrrrrrring.. phone call?

I answer and its the school nurse.  They found some head lice on Isaac!!!!! SERIOUSLY???!!!!  I jump in the car to go into school to pick him and his brother up. I call my other children's schools to have the school nurse check their heads out.  Within five minutes I get a call back from the other school nurse.  Come pick up so-in-so.  (I've decided to keep the other victim confidential to forgo any teasing)

Lord Help Me!!!!

This happened to us one other time, only one child out of the five was infested.  I had never ever seen or dealt with head lice before.  I was freaked out beyond belief and scratching every single moment of the day with the heebie jeebies...  This time around, I just got to work.  Here is the result of the twins:

This is the shortest we've ever cut their hair, I think its a good look for them :)  

Today's Agenda:

Sweep and disinfect *check*
Apply overnight cream to other childs head *check*
Wake up and Clean Clean Clean *check*
Comb for nits *check*
Laundry..Laundry..Laundry... checking EACH and EVERY load for a stow a way diaper *check* 
Keeping a Smile on my Face *CHECK*

Tis how I envision someone who is "Down In the Dumps".... I need a shovel about now!!!!!

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