Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update on Tonsil Removal

11 days post op and I would say, twins are back to normal.  As a matter of fact, no pain medicine was given today at all.  They are still eating softer foods, cookies, hot dogs, ice cream, apple slices.  But I really think they are safe to get back into their favorite crunchy foods.

My take on if the Risk was Higher than Reward:  It was a long recovery with an ER trip for IV fluids on day 7, but overall, seriously the recovery was way better than I was expecting reading over blogs of other's experiences.  Anxious to see if this in ANY WAY affects their speech.  There is a tiny part of me holding onto some hope that they may just start making some more sounds now that they don't have obstructive tonsils making it difficult for them.

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