Friday, August 24, 2012

"I pulled my first cow out of a toilet today"

Yesssss, I am happy to be able to give the ROTO ROOTER service man a new story to tell.  After two weeks of trying everything we knew to do to unclog the toilet in the kids bathroom I gave our friends at ROTO ROOTER a call this morning.. We should receive a discount after a few more calls to them...LOL

They did take longer than they had in the past to retrieve the object(s) from the pipes.  First came a necklace followed by a cow... A COW??!!  I didn't even look in the bucket to see what necklace and what cow came about.  I just know that if Caleb and Isaac's Little People Farm is missing the cow I do not have to go on a mad search for it.

The upside is that this is another great story to tell the grandkids...

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