Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. William Hanzely, April 16, 2011

It was a wonderful celebration last Saturday for the much anticipated wedding between my brother in law Bill and his fiancee Dulcie.  My children have been ready to call her "Aunt Dulcie" for over a year now.  Saturday it was official and the kids loved being able to say it out loud.

The day started off with a few glitches, but that always keeps things interesting right?? The weather was extremely windy and rainy and cold.  Family was in from out of town staying at different houses and lo and behold a tree fell down and knocked out the power from my sister in law Cathy's home.. She had 2 families staying with her and they were all wondering if they were going to have to go to the wedding stinky and un-showered, how they were going to eat a warm lunch, and what the day was about to bring them.  It was kinda comical from my end.  They all proceeded to come out to my mother in laws home to eat lunch and just as the dishes were being warmed the electric flickers and sends everyone into a scare... it came right back on.

Bill and Dulcie were kind enough to plan the wedding the day after tax season, April 16th.  This was before we knew that the deadline was extended to the 18th this year.  So my hubby went into work at 6:30am and worked until 2:30, then grabbed his suit and ran to the church to usher people down the isles by 3:00pm.  Whata guy :)

I was at home getting five children and myself ready, it was rather uneventful if you don't count not being able to find Tristins tights at the last minute, the girls deciding 15 minutes before they left they wanted to paint their toe nails, the twins and Elijah feel asleep on the couch and had to be woke up to get dressed a few minutes before leaving...and then me carrying twins one at a time in a downpour that soaked my hair and dress... Fun Times!!!

Below are some of my favorite photos I took, these are only a few but some may consider it photo overload, I just wanted to share with family who was there.

Congratulations and Welcome to the Family :)

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