Thursday, April 7, 2011

Help us keep Summer Camp FREE for children with special needs..

Camille's Run or Walk for Someone Special

Why is this Run or Walk for Someone Special event for The Arc of Jefferson County so important this year?? Because the cost of gas is sky rocketing and we provide FREE transportation, FREE snacks, FREE lunches, FREE activities to more than 80 children with special needs over the summer months between three separate summer camp programs we put on. We have been so blessed to have had our community support our efforts over the past 32 years, but with technology its a great time to reach out to others who might have a heart for what we are doing. Any dollar amount is appreciated. Not only do we have the campers to transport and feed, but we have teacheres, jr. counselors and aides there too.. Please consider any amount your able to give and think of it as putting a smile on the face of a child with Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, RAD, Seizure Disorder, and/or any of the other "different abilities" we serve.

Its such an honor being the Exec. Dir. of this organization. I love all the staff I work with and I know you would love what we do for our kids and adults with special needs in our area. We are so blessed to have a beautiful 8 acre campground and 4 large vans to transport our people in. All of this costs money and its only this one time of year that we reach out to friends, family, and internet friends to help us..

Please feel free to check out our website for more information. You can click on the link above to make a donation to my daughters page and sponsor her to do the 2 mile fun run.

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