Thursday, February 10, 2011

No...Baby... Boy

I had the cutest interaction this morning with my Isaac.  I am in no way officially potty training the boys yet, but I am practicing the sign with them and talking about going to the potty on a daily basis.  They are understanding what I am asking them to do and I view that as progress.  My hopes are to have them trained by the end of summer.

This morning as I'm changing Caleb, I ask him if he would like to try and go sit on the potty, he signs "yes potty".  I take him into the bathroom singing and dancing and making a big deal of the fact that he said YES. I place him on his potty where he sits approximately 2 seconds.  He gets up, I clap and cheer and make him proud of doing that few seconds, put on his diaper and move onto the next boy.

I lay Isaac down on my bed.  I begin undressing him and telling him how big of a boy he is and that I know he's going to have fun using the big boy potty like brother did.  After I remove his diaper I say "Isaac you ready to use the big boy potty", to which he looks at me and shakes his head NO and signs "baby boy"... Oh My Goodness, that was one of the best conversations we've had to date!!!  He gets to stay mommy's baby boy another day :)

They both sign daily, for that matter we all sign daily.  They ask specifically for what they want but they never really use it as a conversation.. Today, I felt Isaac communicating with me.. I gently smiled, kissed him and told him that Yes he is mommy's baby boy and put his diaper back on him.

That's my BOY!!


Colleen said...

What a beautiful moment (I think I felt a tear!)

Tara said...

Oh my goodness, that is truly a blessing! What a sweetie!

kacy said...

ok stacy my pregnant hormones cant handle sentimental stories like that :o) he is such a sweetie!!!!