Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Arc of Jefferson County and Camp Friendship

Its time again for the Annual Run/Walk for Someone Special event to occur for the 32nd year in a row.  Last year was a record year with 365 participants and $40,000 raised.  ALL money raised at this event stays local and helps The Arc of Jefferson County puts on 2 summer camps for children with special needs (a total of 3 weeks of fun) and a camp for children with Autism (1 week long).  We are a very rural area and to be able to fund something like this ourselves with NO GRANTS or loans is really an exciting thing for us.  On average it costs us $100 per camper per week to do all we do.  We provide a nutritional snack and meal each day for campers, counselors, teachers and Directors.  We provide transportation to and from camp each day.  We have a very qualified teaching staff and need to pay them for their time with us.  We have been blessed to have many people in the community donate their time or provide their service at a low cost at the camps to provide fun for the kids.  4-H has brought in some horses, local fire department has brought in their trucks and gear for the kids to dress up in, karate demonstrations, service dogs, dental hygienists showing proper dental care, and much more!

Here is me finishing my 2 mile fun/run last year in 19 minutes 43 seconds!!  (The one in the yellow shirt with sunglasses that looks like she's about to

Here are my handsome twins who have brought me to know and love The Arc and Camp Friendship:

As with any non-profit, funding is harder to come by these days.  People are not giving their money like they used to.  Please consider donating what you can.  Every Dollar does add up and EVERY Dollar is appreciated.  This year my boys will be going to camp.  Part of my passion as Executive Director of this great organization is to keep services going and growing....and to continue bringing new services to this area, not only for my boys, but for the many children and adults that deserve to have something to look forward to each year, and to make memories that last a lifetime.

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