Sunday, September 12, 2010

What September 11th means to us...

Our memory of September 11th is much different than that of the rest of America. Our memory does not relate to the terrorist attacks on the twin towers 9 years ago in New York City, our memory is not that of people suffering and mourning. Our memory is so much more positive and full of love and life. Our memory is bringing our precious little Camille Sage into the world. She was born on September 11, 2001 at 2:05 am. She was also born on her sister Tristin's 4th Birthday. We now have a double celebration that we observe each and every year. Its a double blessing, or should I say it was our first double blessing :)

We will never forget what really happened on that day. We will always have a story to tell of "What were you doing at the time of the attacks?" We will always feel for those that were affected in one way or another to that terrible attack. But we also thank God for blessing us with something that took our minds off the situation enough to be praising him for the life he gave us while so many others were crying out to him for the lives that were lost.

This year we decided to have a different kind of birthday party for the girls. Usually we head down to our pond for a get together with family and friends and enjoy a cookout.. This year we decided to have a sleep over!!! YIKES 11 girls under one roof??

We started our making our own personal pan pizzas.  Its interesting to see how each and every pizza turns out so differently.  They we put them to work baking 4 dozen cup cakes that night.  Great participation from all.  After all the clean up was done they headed in to get on their jammies and settle down for a movie.  After the movie, the rowdy fun began..
Back Bends on the pull out bed
Good Ole Fashion Nose pickin cause mom's taking pictures  
Decorating Cupcakes
Art Supplies!!!

Present Time!!
Tristin's famous Zebra Print Glasses

Thank you Lord for these beautiful girls, please guide me in the way I am to raise them, please give me the wisdom I need to bring them up in your sight. I pray they develop into lovely Christian women who love you and learn to appreciate your blessings as I do when I look into their eyes.  ~Amen

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Ria said...

You are certainly doubly blessed. Looks like a fun party.
Happy Birthday Tristin and Camille!