Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sisterly Love

Let me start by saying this girl has ALWAYS been mother hen to her twin brothers.  When I brought home Caleb at 6 weeks old and he was just over four pounds, my Camille (who was four years old), just scooped him up like a baby doll and never looked back.  She was comfortable and GOOD with handling a tiny baby and she is still just as wonderful with them both today.  She changes diapers, she gets them their sippy cups and food items they request.  She signs and dances with them.  She tickles and teases them.  She is a great big sister.

This year Camille chose to stay home and cyber school her 8th grade year.  She really is having a great year so far and seems to be enjoying all her subjects...ok all except History but what 8th grader likes History?  For her English composition class she is working on a Memoir.  It has been being discussed for a couple of weeks now but just this week its time to put the pencil to paper and begin writing.  I was not at all amazed that Camille chose the title "Growing up with Special Needs".  I am certain that her teacher thinks she may have some kind of special needs from the title.  But I know I can't wait to read what she writes.  I do know that however she writes it there will be wonderful advocacy for her brothers and all others with special needs.  Camille has compassion and understanding well beyond her years and she blesses us all with her love.

The first photo above was when Camille was five years old with Isaac.  The second photo is just this morning before I woke Isaac for school.  Still in his sister arms fast asleep and loved.  How can this not put a smile on your face?  

Having a sibling with Down Syndrome is hard at times.  I cannot speak this from experience as a sibling but as a parent I see my "typical children" finding it difficult to have mom and dads attention less often than they wish to.  I know my three older children feel as though they are missing out on things their friends do because we just can't go there or do that with the twins.  I know my three older kiddos feel like we don't do enough as a family but that is something we just can't fix right now.  Unfortunately, as the twins are getting old things are starting to get easier to do BUT the older kids are getting older and their time with us is becoming limited.  Our oldest daughter, Tristin, is 18 years old now, a senior in high school and looking forward to life after school.  I feel like I waited and waited for the right time to be able to do things with her and now I may never get the right time.  I pray that the time we have had will be seen as precious as she grows older.

Even in difficult times, even with all the many challenges we face having these beautiful twin boys in our lives there is no bitterness or hurt feelings, there is just LOVE.  What an amazing big sister Camille is and I thank the good Lord above for giving us her.  Even in these teenage years and dealing with teenager girl stuff, Camille still allows her heart to been seen by all.

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Wonderful Blog.....Wonderful Family and great sister award!