Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School - Bawled like a baby... I DID!!!

I have to admit I have yet to EVER cry on the first day of school.. Usually I am certainly sad to see summer break end but relieved to finally be able to tackle the housework and try to get ahead of laundry with kids off at school.  I have been taking photos of my kids with signs stating the grade they were entering way before Facebook.. Tristin is a junior and I have her kindergarten photo :)

WAIT... WAIT... Tristin is a Junior.. That is what teared me up and made me cry uncontrollably this morning.  As I'm watching my kiddos make their traditional first day of school poster I reflect on taking Tristin's photo as an excited Kindergartener about to be homeschooled. Now today I watch a gorgeous young lady still scribbling on paper at mommy's request so I can always remember what grade she is going into and what year it was.  (I am already predicting my forgetful mind wondering what year photo was taken and what grade she would have been in)

Then I looked at my Camille who has definitely blossomed this summer and has taken the lead in being the tallest sibling.  She passed up Tristin by a whole inch already!  She only has a few days until she turn into a mouthy know it all teenager, and I think she's had enough practice this summer to already master it on her birthday!!

Elijah is in the MIDDLE SCHOOL!!  Whhaaatttt???? My middle child is in the middle school?  He is actually pretty excited and laid back about it.  The girls both seemed nervous and concerned about meeting new people and making all new friends, Elijah has no worries and he is ready. Last night as girls were picking out their first day of school outfits here is how our conversation went:
Elijah: "Why do girls have to do that mom?"
Me: "To be prepared for their first day"
Elijah: "I'm just going to throw on the first thing I can grab in the morning"
.. That's my Boy!

And finally, the twins are entering 2nd grade.  They participate in the Autistic Support classroom in our public school.  Having children in a special education classroom can be and just plain ole IS stressful.  I am hoping for a better year for them and plan on taking a more active role in their education.  They deserve the best and I pray that God leads me to help them get that.  When I told them that they were gong back to school today and riding the bus to go see their friends they both signed "NO!".  I always say they are the mouthiest non-verbal kids I know...LOL

Now off to canning my garden goodies.  Today's agenda.... Salsa!!!  Have a Great Day Kids!!

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