Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease...No 4th of July Picnic (pun intended)

Seems our family just can't catch a break so far this summer.. OH WAIT, that has been our family for the past four years LOL! On Saturday we went to the Wykoff family reunion. The Wykoff's are my side of the family and we don't get to see any of them other than at reunions or on Facebook.. Love Facebook for that :)

 When we got home around 9pm Isaac seemed to have broken out in a blistery rash on his hands and bottoms of his feet that we didn't notice all day long. He had this weird rashy thing on his diaper area that started Friday but I figured it was from the hot weather and wasn't to concerned. Now that it had spread, it was concerning, and I took him into the ER Saturday night only to find that he has Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease (HMFD). They basically said there was nothing to do as it's a virus and told me to give Benedryl as needed for itching. Told me it was very contagious and to be careful with siblings.... With that being said I KNEW CALEB WOULD BE NEXT!!! There always seems to be this twin competition they have going when they get illness, who can get sicker??!!

 Fast forward to Tuesday, Isaac was breaking out even worse so I called pediatrician and they said to bring him in just to make sure it was HFMD. The appointment was at 10am, as I was bathing boys to get them ready to take in I noticed Caleb was getting some bumps so I figured might as well have him looked at while we were at doctors office. Upon inspection it was confirmed that boys both had HMFD and we were sent home to ride it out. Today, July 3rd, Day Six of Isaacs outbreak he looks better but still developing a few new blisters.. Day Three for Caleb and he wins the twin competition hands down. He is broke out with more than double or triple the blisters Isaac has and he looks horrible. There is no fever present in either twin and blisters are located in way more places than just their Hands, Mouth and Feet. Bumps are on elbows, knees, ears, lower belly, legs and back of neck. Their bodies are not covered but there are bumps everywhere.... How about I show some photos:
Both boys acting normally, no fevers and eating/drinking well. So for us its just looking at all those ugly bumps for a few days, OH... and staying away from any family events going on this weekend here on the farm. Did I mention that this weekend is the Bi-Annual Hanzely family reunion? Lots and Lots of family members come from several different states. Lots and Lots of new babies I have not even met yet and family I haven't seen in years... Boo Hoo to us I guess. But as awful as this situation is for us there are just things that the boys do that melt my heart and make me realize how very lucky we are to have these beautiful boys in our family. Look at how I found them sleeping this afternoon:

Did you notice how they were sleeping holding hands?? Thank you Lord for that refreshing moment to see just how blessed we are.  Always Always seek out the positive in each moment.

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Rosa Ortiz-Lane said...

I hope your boys are feeling better now! Your boys are so cute. I love that picture of holding hands. Priceless!